Primary and Secondary Mathematics

Achievers Journey Tuition Centre offers a Math tuition programme for our students from Primary 1 to Secondary 4. Mathematics forms part of our everyday activities from making sense of statistics from the newspaper to making informed decisions about financial matters. When it comes to graphical interpretations, measurement, calculations and statistical analysis, we need Mathematics to help us understand.

We aim to help students acquire key Mathematical concepts and skills for everyday use and for continuous learning in Mathematics by learning to think logically, critically and creatively using namely model drawing , branching methods, unit transfer methods, heuristics and metacognition to solve Mathematical problems.

We add challenging questions in our worksheets, to prepare our students for complex Mathematical problems that require higher order thinking. Key concepts are essential and we are there to help them understand by making connections, build confidence and foster interest in Mathematics. We use past year PSLE examination papers, O-levels ten years series and past years school examination papers to expose them to the common examinable questions to prepare them for their examinations.