Achievers Journey Tuition Centre is founded by the husband and wife duo of Mr. Anthony Lau and Mdm. Jessy Han. Achievers Journey is the crystallization of Mdm. Han’s efforts and passion into teaching. Teaching has been a part time job for her during school holidays when she was young and till she had a full-time job, she continued teaching during weekends. She entered into full-time teaching in 2009 until the right opportunity came about, and established Achievers Journey in 2011. This breakout opportunity was only shadowed by the surmounting challenge of dealing with limited resources, an inconvenient location, and caught between school terms. 

Braving through tough times, both husband and wife were able to make good of what they had to push through. While there was a fair amount of walk-in students, the majority of students came from word-of-mouth recommendations between parents of the centre’s abilities. What differentiates Achievers Journey and gives them a competitive edge is their specialisation in the core subjects for Primary School level, namely English Language and Mathematics. This is especially so in the linguistics department, where Mdm. Han’s ability lies in engaging students to think creatively, unleashing their potential in drafting complex and interesting English essays with a twist in order to make their essays stand out. Her words of encouragement challenge students to constantly push the envelope and think out of the box. 

Although Achievers Journey is run as a business, Mdm. Han is still an educator at heart. Not limited to only coaching students on their studies, imparting of values, and shaping her student’s character into one of a better person also factors to a part of what she hopes to achieve with her institution. As she pushes the envelopes of what tuition centers do for their students, she is supported endlessly by her husband, who despite holding a day job, drops by without fail each day to assist with operations and administration. 

As parents consistently pursue good academic results, there are no limits to market growth. Although there are plans to set up another branch given the right opportunity, it will concentrate on their forte of English Language and English Composition Writing.