Dear Parents/Students,

Our much awaited exclusive interview with Singapore Asia Publishers is out on the YouTube below !

Singapore Asia Publisher is one of our trusted source of resources with the most up-to-date MOE-approved syllabus. You can visit their website at

All Parents Want Their Child to Achieve

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To Walk This Learning Journey With You To Bring Out The Best in Your Child

Our Accolades

We are humbled by the trust and support by our parents to be able to receive the prestigious Singapore Trusted Quality Brand Award in 2015 !

The award is given based on the nominations from the public based on the quality of service rendered and the trust that student’s parents have in us. Winners for this award has displayed outstanding performance and services reflected on their brand quality and has perform exceptionally in their respective line of service.

This award recognised our effort in providing nothing but the best for our students and further motivated us to do better.

We are honoured to receive the SIngapore Outstanding Enterprise Award presented by Singapore Resource Association in Shangri-La Singapore. This award is given to recognise enterprises who have outperform across major trade and industries.

Subjects Offering

Our tuition centre is registered with the Ministry of Education and we offers English, Mathematics and Science tuition classes based on PSLE and GCE ‘O’ level syllabus. Our lesson plans are carefully curated to supplement what they have learnt in school. We work together with parents to identify the child’s strength and weakness in the subject and to help them achieve academic excellence in their weightage assessment and school examinations.