Primary & Secondary English

Achievers Journey Tuition Centre offers an English tuition programme for our students from Primary 1 to Secondary 4. We aim to build up a strong English foundation for our students by placing emphasis on Grammar.

Our Primary English programme covers all the different components of the MOE English Language such as Grammar, Vocabulary, Synthesis and Transformation, Comprehension Open-ended as well as Creative Composition.

Our Secondary English programme covers all the different components of the English Language O-levels examinable components namely, Editing, Situational and Creative Writing, Visual Text and Comprehension.

We aspire to help every student to unleash their potential, stretch them to the fullest and challenge them to think out of the box through interesting and thought provoking lessons. We also hope to lift up those who are weak in language, to inspire them to discover their love for English through a variety of teaching methods. At Achievers Journey Tuition Centre, we strongly believe in engaging the students with current affairs. Hence, reading the newspapers and English magazines is strongly encouraged. Our forte lies in pushing the students to think out of the box for essay writing. We strongly emphasise in writing essays that are unique, realistic and interesting with a twist, in order to differentiate themselves from their peers.