• Featured in Straits Times in 2009


Ow Le Yi Nikki 2014 – Shuqun Primary School

Ms Han is a passionate teacher that makes English more interesting. I never fail to learn new things and I look foward to her interesting lessons everytime. I have been with Ms Han for two years and my English improved ever since. Thank you Ms Han! Mr Lau teaches us interesting and useful Mathematics methods that improves our maths, he have a passion for teaching Mathematics. I have also been with Mr Lau for two years.
My Maths managed to score an A* thanks to Mr Lau, thank you! The classes went smoothly thanks to Ms Helen. Ms Helen helps Ms Han and Mr Lau to attend to our parents’ enquiries and coordinate the tuition fees. Thank you Ms Helen!
In conclusion, I would like to say “thank you” to the AJTC team!

Parent of Brendan, Belle & Brayden 2013

Ms Jessy Han, a teacher who is full of passion. She is sincere in her teaching and genuine in wanting to bring out the best in OUR kids. In her eyes, every child has the potential and I can feel that she actually puts in effort to look at each student to identify their weakness and works on strengthening them.
After attending classes in Achiever’s Journey for 2 years, the grades of my 2 children have been moving in one direction only… going up and up. The only credit I’ve given to myself is sending them to Ms Han and her team, a small team but with a BIG heart.To me, Ms Jessy Han is a lapidary – a person who cuts and polishes raw GEMS. She is making diamonds out of every students in her tuition center, craving, moulding and polishing them. I can see the transformation in both my children and I am so proud of them as they now shine, just like a nicely cut diamonds. Thank you Ms Han.